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Our 5 Talent Solutions are tailored to Founders, Co-Founders and People & Talent Leaders who want to hire values-aligned, motivated and productive talent to meet their goal of rapidly scaling their business. This is Human-Centred Hiring.

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Our PROJECT talent solution will deliver all the key functional hires you need to scale rapidly, whilst guaranteeing the quality of hire.



Founders planning to scale their startup where their success will be determined by the people they hire to join on this journey.



Avoid failed hires that cost you time, money and impact productivity.

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Our RETAINED talent solution offers a robust search and assessment process to identify high-performing leadership talent. 






Founders where the quality and performance levels of the leadership team are critical to a startup’s success and growth.





Avoid failed hires that cost you equity and impact team productivity.

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Our ADVISORY talent solution offers you on-demand advisory expertise to inform your people and talent strategy.





Founders that understand the value of strategic and commercial knowledge, combined with the ability to execute.



Avoid failing to engage experts that costs you an opportunity.

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Our IDEATION solution takes your team through a human-centred ideation session to generate ideas and agree on actionable outcomes.



As a People & Talent leader, you recognise that ideas are the new currency, in this era of AI-enabled technology and change.



Avoid the failure to harness and deploy ideas.

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Our MICRO-COACHING solution supports you on your journey to a new career opportunity or during the critical transition period into a new leadership position.





Anyone navigating their career journey from an established position to starting a new career challenge.



Support you through every step of this critical journey, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

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